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X-Ray: What are those circles near the big toe?

These are called sesamoid bones and they perform a specific function: to act as a pulley system. This gives a mechanical advantage to stabilizing the big toe on the ground, and aids with propulsion of the foot when walking or running. By Dr. Samuel Kellner

Aug 16th, 2022
FAQ: What’s the best shoe to wear?

People come in all shapes and sizes and the same is true for feet! “What's the best shoe for me?” is a much better approach that takes into account this reality. By Dr. Benjamin Saviet

Aug 9th, 2022
Kissing Corns: A Painful Love Affair On The Foot

“Kissing corns” are calluses or corns that develop between the toes, usually between the fourth and fifth (pinky) digits. The pain happens because the toe bones rub against each other creating little corns that “kiss.” By Dr. Donald Pelto

Aug 1st, 2022
DON’T do this if you have a toe fracture

Recently I had a patient with a toe fracture come into the office wearing a new and unique type of shoe. To take the pressure off the top of her toes, she actually cut open the whole toe area of her sneakers. Here is why you shouldn't do this. By Dr. Pelto

Jul 19th, 2022
Summer Hack: Quick Fix for Ugly Toenails

Can you imagine not wearing sandals for nine years because of your ugly toenails? This happened to a patient I saw recently and she walked out the office crying in relief, joy and proud after a cosmetic nail restoration called KeryFlex. By Dr. Donald Pelto

Jun 15th, 2022
Calf Injuries: Heal Faster with Shockwave Therapy

The calf muscles are incredibly important for most sports as well as everyday activity. When any of the muscles get injured, this can cause you to miss out on valuable training. Next level treatments can get you better quickly. By Dr. Benjamin Saviet

Jun 3rd, 2022
Choosing the Best Trail Running Shoes

While you may read about all the amazing features the different shoe companies promote to help sell their shoes, the single most important principle to remember when buying a shoe, any shoe, is that it must fit! By Dr. Neil Feldman

May 26th, 2022
Podiatrist (and dad) approved baby nail trimming tool

When my first baby was born a few months ago, I thought I wouldn’t have any problem trimming his toenails. Was I wrong! I struggled just like every first time parent. Until my wife found the Haaka Electric Nail Care Set. By Dr. Samuel Kellner

May 18th, 2022
Big Foot: The Pandemic Sasquatch Effect

If your shoe collection is hurting your feet more than normal and that ultra-comfortable pair of sneakers no longer fit, you are not alone. It happened to my wife and several patients in what I'm calling the “Pandemic Sasquatch Effect". By Dr. Donald Pelto

May 11th, 2022
Untreated ankle sprain can cause long term disability

An ankle sprain that is left untreated or that is not properly diagnosed can cause chronic pain and lead to arthritis or long term disability. As soon as an injury occurs, most people should go straight to a specialist. By Dr. Benjamin Saviet

May 5th, 2022
6 Runner Approved Tips to Start Running Trails Today

Trail running requires minimal gear and delivers big rewards. We will go through six basic tips to ensure your adventure is safe, as well as fun, so you can start trail running today. Also learn about the benefits of running trails. By Dr. Neil Feldman.

Apr 28th, 2022
Pain-Free Treatment for Ingrown Toenails

Now it is possible to treat many of the ingrown toenails with a non-invasive and pain-free procedure, with a new nail correction system. Onyfix is like wearing braces on your toenails to correct their shape as they grow. By Dr. Sam Kellner

Mar 22nd, 2022
All about flat feet

Flat feet are common to many patients and can cause pain and other concerns. Here is the information and replay from the recent webinar from the doctors at Central Massachusetts Podiatry.

Jan 24th, 2021
Interview with Tom Ingrassia

In this interview Dr. Pelto will go over different ideas with Tom Ingrassia about motivation and inspiration.

Dec 20th, 2019
The 451

Dr Feldman's 2019 Race Summary

Dec 5th, 2019
Diabetes Awareness Month

Here is a video from Dr. Pelto about Diabetes Awareness Month a lecture about common foot conditions.

Nov 26th, 2019
Diabetic Shoe Fitting Tips

In this video, Dr. Pelto will go over tips for you if you have diabetes and need diabetic shoes or if you are a person fitting others with diabetic shoes. We will go over many of the common problems that can happen when fitting shoes for diabetics.

Jul 3rd, 2019
The Office Tour

In this video Dr. Pelto will give a tour of his office at Central Massachusetts Podiatry located in Worcester Massachusetts.

Jul 3rd, 2019
How to keep your feet healthy and strong throughout life

A really good question came across our social media feed recently; “Tell us how to best care for our feet as we, ahem, become mature!”, this blog post answers this question with suggestions to help keep your feet healthy and strong throughout life.

Jun 20th, 2019
Running in the Heat

Tips and skill knowledge for running in the heat from podiatrist Neil Feldman, DPM

Jun 5th, 2019
What Shoe Is Best? Shoe Buying Tips

Here is a lecture done for the Worcester Senior center with shoe buying tips. Below you will find the link to the different resources mentioned in the video.

Nov 13th, 2018
Nail Salon Safety and Medinails

In this interview, Dr. Pelto will interview Dr. Robert Spalding the creator of MediNails an online platform to educate and advised the understanding about the nail care industry.

Nov 6th, 2018
Interview with Reilly Sweetland founder of

In this interview we are discussing about being more efficient and effective in life with a website called This will allow people others to be more effective about following up with other and possibly allow your email to get to zero.

Oct 17th, 2018
Compassion Fatigue with Bob Bureau

In this interview we are going to talk more with Mr. Robert Bureau and about coping with difficult times in life both personally and as a caregiver to others.

Oct 17th, 2018
Interview with Dr. Brittany Falcone DC

In this interview for Healthy Living we will look at many aspects of chiropractic care and focus on the specialty of Dr. Falcone which includes prenatal and postpartum care.

Sep 19th, 2018
Tips on Losing Weight Michael Stanton

In this interview we will go over many aspects of living healthier and getting and staying in shape. Michael Stanton has a unique business and shake shop in Worcester.

Sep 19th, 2018
Do I have skin cancer on my foot?

Here is an interview with Dr. Camille Roberts, a dermatologist in Worcester, Massachusetts where we talk about common skin conditions including cancer of the of the foot.

Mar 21st, 2018
Nail Salon Safety

In this interview we will go over safety aspects regarding getting your nails done.

Mar 21st, 2018
Trigger Point Tool Exercises

Here is a video review of how to use the trigger point tools for loosening the calf region for many foot related condition.

Feb 1st, 2018