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Whatever your podiatric needs may be, Central Massachusetts Podiatry can meet or surpass them. Come see Drs. Feldman, Saviet and Pelto in Worcester, and Westborough, Massachusetts, for gait analysis, orthotics and shoes to make getting around easier and improve your overall life satisfaction.

Orthotics Q & A

What are orthotics?

The term orthotics is used to describe custom made inserts that are designed to improve how you walk or run. These specialized devices may help realign or support the foot or ankle, prevent or correct foot abnormalities, and improve overall functioning of these weight-bearing body parts. Customized orthotic devices are designed just for you, offering you maximum support and correction of any deformities. These devices also last longer than non-custom designs.

How are orthotics different than arch supports?

Custom orthotics control abnormal position and movement of the foot, ensuring that the body works in an ergonomically balanced position. Arch supports merely provide additional support and cushioning. While standing or walking the heel and midfoot orthotics hold the foot in a more stable position, allowing the feet to function more efficiently during weight-bearing and propulsion. This control is often accomplished by limiting abnormal pronation of the foot. Pronation is a complex movement that occurs when the heel and forefoot turn out. There is a corresponding internal turning in of the lower leg, and flattening of the arch. This resulst in strained ligaments and overtaxed muscles due to the effort needed to pull the foot into a more stable position. Customized orthotics help prevent some of the complications of the chronically unstable foot by controlling abnormal pronation.

Why would I need orthotics or shoes?

Our team of skilled podiatrists and medical providers wants to optimize your performance, whether on the field, track, court, or simply in everyday life. By completing a gait analysis program of yourself running and walking, our doctors can then determine if you require specialized orthotics or shoes depending on your activity level, foot type, and body mechanics.

Each person will have a unique gait and potentially require customized orthotics and shoes to achieve maximum functioning. Are you an athlete who is hoping to enhance performance? Or, are you a normal person who just wants to provide better support to your foot or ankle after an injury? If so, call our clinic to schedule your appointment for gait analysis, orthotics, and shoes today.


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