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Child Foot Disorders

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At Central Massachusetts Podiatry, in Worcester, and Westborough, MA, Dr. Feldman, Dr. Pelto and Dr. Saviet have a wide range of experience treating child foot disorders. The most common problems bothering children tend to be flat feet, warts, and ingrown toenails. If you suspect your child is suffering from a foot condition, make an appointment today.

Child Foot Disorders Q & A

What are child foot disorders?

Child foot disorders include a host of congenital and acquired conditions affecting the foot, ankle, or toes. Our competent team of podiatric health care providers is able to diagnose and treat such conditions in toddler, small children, and teens.

While the most common reasons children often show up in our offices is for treatment of flat feet, warts, and ingrown toenails, there are many other child foot disorders that may affect your child’s comfort, functioning, growth, and development.

Common disorders may involve the foot, such as hooked foot or Haglund’s deformity (a heel bone condition), the toe, such as missing toes, polydactyl (an extra toe), or Apert’s syndrome (fusion of the toes), in addition to combination disorders that involve various structures of the foot, like muscle imbalance deformities.

How do I know if my child has a foot disorder?

Having awareness about child foot disorders is a great starting point for recognizing an issue in your child and getting help. All children are not prone to complaining about pain and therefore, you may not be able to rely on them telling you. What’s more, toddlers and smaller children may not even have the appropriate command of words to intelligently explain a foot problem.

Watching your child while he or she is walking, running, playing and resting can help you determine if there is an issue with pain or ambulation. Does your child favor one foot over another? Get tired quickly? Or, never want to participate while others are playing? These all may be indications of a problem.

How are child foot disorders diagnosed and treated?

It is our mission to provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for child foot disorders. Patients at Central Massachusetts Podiatry have the access to three highly skilled podiatrists with many years’ experience treating all sorts of foot conditions. In addition, our offices feature x-ray services and special gait analysis software to detect child foot disorders.

Treatment of these disorders depends on the type of disorder and its severity. Many pediatric foot conditions may resolve themselves over time while others require medical intervention to prevent further damage and restore function. Contact our clinic to learn more.

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