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Ingrown Nails

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Many people attempt bathroom surgery on their ingrown nails only to worsen the situation. Resist the temptation to treat this condition at home and visit the experienced podiatrists at Central Massachusetts Podiatry in Worcester, and Westborough, MA. Dr. Feldman, Dr. Pelto and Dr. Saviet can offer you a less stressful and more effective ingrown nails treatment option.

Ingrown Nails Q & A

What is an ingrown nail?

An ingrown nail is a fingernail or toenail that grows beneath the surrounding skin rather than over it. Ingrown toenails are most common and the big toe is usually the victim. When the corner or side of the toenail wedges into the soft flesh it can cause pain, swell, or even drain pus. When these toenails are not treated, they can develop an infection. When the pain involved with ingrown toenail becomes too severe or seems to spread or worsen, you should visit the doctors at Central Massachusetts Podiatry.

How do ingrown nails form?

There are a number of explanations that describe why ingrown nails form. One of the main culprits is trimming or filing toenails too short or attempting to round out the edges. When this happens, the skin around the nail starts to grow over it.

Another potential cause for ingrown toenails is wearing ill-fitting shoes. If shoes are too little, the toe can grow into the skin after constant pressure. Injury can also cause ingrown nails. If you bump your toe against a hard surface, this can trigger the nail to grow inwardly. Repetitive activities like kicking a soccer ball can also cause this condition.

What can the podiatrist do to treat ingrown nails?

If ingrown nails are troubling you, you should see a professional like Dr. Feldman, Dr Saviet or Dr. Pelto who can effectively treat the problem without causing more pain or discomfort. Treating an ingrown toenail at home can sometimes complicate rather than relieve the issue.

Wearing comfortable and proper-fitting shoes, taking over-the-counter pain relievers, and soaking the feet several times a day may relieve ingrown nails before an infection develops. Once nails are infected, you need to see a doctor right away. Surgical intervention may be required to remove a section of your nail, the nail bed, or the surrounding soft tissues.

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