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Bunions & Hammertoes

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Bunions and hammertoes can make getting around uncomfortable and difficult for you. If you are suffering from one of these common foot conditions, schedule an appointment with Dr. Neil Feldman, Dr. Donald Pelto or Dr. Benjamin Saviet at Central Massachusetts Podiatry in Worcester, and Westborough, MA for diagnosis and treatment.

Bunions & Hammertoes Q & A

What is the difference between bunions and hammertoes?

A bunion is a painful deformity of the inner foot bone. In this progressive condition, the bump located behind the big toe enlarges to the point that the toe is forced to deviate and press into the neighboring second toe. One of the primary culprits to bunions is the tapered toe box present in most footwear.

Hammertoes are another type of forefoot abnormality that results in a contracture, or prominence, of the toe. This causes imbalance while walking or running. This prominence may arise at any of the two joints of a toe. Contemporary-style footwear can contribute to hammertoes.

What can I do to prevent bunions and hammertoes?

Younger people may be able to minimize their chances of developing these forefoot deformities. This can be done by carefully selecting footwear, not based on fashion or trendiness, but on function and support. Footwear should be wide enough in the toe box so that the toes can splay out in their natural form. Your podiatrist can consult with you on how to appropriately select footwear that supports the natural form of your foot and toes.

How are bunions and hammertoes treated?

Drs. Feldman and Pelto may consider many options in treating bunions and hammertoes. Patients may be able to perform a certain range of motion exercises that helps reverse these deformities and strengthen the muscles located near them. Other treatment options may involve gait analysis, orthotics, and shoes that feature pads or splints. In severe cases of chronic deformities, surgical intervention may be required to relocate these deformities into the correct position and restore normal functioning to the foot.

If you are suffering from bunions or hammertoes, you should call our clinic to schedule an appointment today. Being treated by an experienced podiatrist can help you find relief from these often painful conditions.

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