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Flat Feet

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Are you experiencing pain or discomfort due to flat feet or arch problems? This problem can be tracked back to your childhood or develop after certain injuries or health conditions. See Drs. Feldman, Saviet or Pelto at Central Massachusetts Podiatry in Worcester, or Westborough, MA to diagnose and treat flat feet or arch problems.

Flat Feet Q & A

What are the symptoms of flat feet?

A typical adult foot has a clear curve in the middle that goes inward towards the foot. This is known as the foot’s arch. Flat feet basically describes a condition in which the whole bottoms of your feet are pressed against the floor when you stand. Frequently, people report having no symptoms with flat feet. However, other people may experience severe pain in their heels or arches that seems to worsen with increased activity. You may also experience swelling along the inside of your ankle due to flat feet or arch problems.

What causes flat feet or arch problems?

A range of issues may contribute to flat feet or arch problems. The most common and simple explanation is that an arch never developed throughout childhood. Flat feet are actually quite normal in babies and small children.

Another potential cause of flat feet is damage or inflammation to the tendon that connects the lower leg to the foot arch. Tendons may be stretched or torn. Bones may be dislocated or broken and cause this condition. In addition, nerve problems and common medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis may also result in flat feet or arch problems.

How can I be treated for flat feet or arch problems?

All flat feet do not necessarily require medical attention. Most of the time, this condition can be painless and not cause the individual any trouble. However, in some cases, flat feet or arch problems may evolve into a more serious complication in the foot and/or ankle. Your doctor can diagnose flat feet or arch problems by examining your feet as you stand or walk.

If flat feet do not cause pain or gait issues in children or adults, then no treatment may be recommended. If pain is present, your podiatrist may recommend orthotics and special shoes to better support your feet. In more severe cases, surgery may be required to repair a tendon, cut and shift bones or fuse the joints back into their proper position.

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