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What Makes My Patients Cry


There are only a few things that make my patients cry when they come into the office. While I enjoy being a podiatrist, my patients don't usually cry when they come into the office. In the last year, I've had two patients that have cried when they see me or they have cried because they've seen another doctor that's looked at their nail, and they've thought they could do nothing about their toenail. I'd like to show you a picture of a patient that's had this nail. 

It has been injured, and it's been about 20 years that she hasn't worn sandals. This patient came into the office, and she said the other podiatrist said that there was nothing that she could do because it is a cosmetic problem and you have to just remove the toenail permanently or do nothing. 

As the patient was telling me her story, she said that whenever she went to the beach the first thing she does is hide her feet underneath the sand. When she went to a party with sandals she would put a bandaid on her toenail, because she was ashamed of what her toenail looked like. This is a big struggle because this toenail has been injured, and it has a thick horn on top of it and it's fungal, I see other people have a toenail that's ingrown or a toenail that's very narrow from a previous nail procedure. 

There is a nail procedure that can be helpful for this, it's called Keryflex. It is a procedure we do in the office. It involves trimming off all the bad toenails, to where there's a healthy toenail. I apply a resin that forms a toenail it actually forms a toenail, and it attaches to the nail that's still at the base of the nail. Then I cure it with UV light. And once it looks like a normal toenail, then I apply another product on top to seal it. It usually helps for about two to three months, and I do this twice a year around March or April and at the end of the summer, July or August. 

This procedure makes it so people can get their toenails painted, they can wear sandals and they can have confidence again. What I find in my practice what normally happens is patients cry because they haven't been able to wear sandals for 20 years and then they go out and spend a lot of money on sandals. 
If you are interested in this if you have an ugly toenail, or if you need help, I'd recommend you come in for this procedure called Keryflex. I'm also going to include underneath this, a link to a video that I did on ugly and ingrown toenails, and also the link to the website for Keryflex. Hope to see you in the office.


Dr. Donald Pelto Dr. Donald Pelto Dr. Pelto is a Podiatrist at Central Massachusetts Podiatry

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