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Approach to Patient Care


Central Massachusetts Podiatry’s approach to patient care involves many factors. An individual health plan is formed and utilized for each patient needing treatment. Certain steps are followed to help with this process.

Step 1: The Complete Health Profile
Your complete health profile is formed through information we gather at your first visit. A patient’s medical history is vital and necessary for this process. Evaluation of the skin, muscles, bones, blood flow, and nerves are essential to help to build your complete health profile.

Step 2: The Information Platform
If needed, a variety of tests can be obtained to help diagnosis your condition. Tests may include a Gait and/or Running Analysis, X-Rays, MRI, CT Scan, Blood tests and/or Biopsy.

Step 3: The Complete Health Analysis
The information gathered thus far will be analyzed to determine the root cause of the problem. Most often, the problem does not stem from your foot, but rather develops from improper movement.

Step 4: The Personalized Health Treatment Plan
Once the problem is diagnosed, health recommendations will be provided. Such recommendations may be in the area of exercise, weight loss, nutrition, and home treatment, including tools and processes to track your progress. If necessary, office procedures can be scheduled and referrals to other providers made.

Step 5: State of The Art Solutions
Several state of the art treatments are offered at Central Massachusetts Podiatry. EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment), PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), TP Tools (Trigger Point Therapy), Laser Therapy for fungal toenails, warts, & scars, and Orthotics & Bracing are examples of treatments we offer.

Step 6: CMP Advantage
After improvement we offer ongoing support and assistance to you and for your condition. We also have resources for your friends and family to help with their own foot conditions.

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