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The Office Tour

The Office Tour

In this video Dr. Pelto will give a tour of his office at Central Massachusetts Podiatry located in Worcester Massachusetts.


Transcript of Video

and today we're here to see Dr. Pelto central mass podiatry let's go see what he's up to just run - ho - right here you please point me to dr. photos thank you is please hey there he is hello dr. Poteau hey welcome to the office thank you give us a tour so yeah well show you around here so this is our little office here we're here with dr. Sabet okay and this is where we make the magic happen here is the little kind of waiting space before the check out right here this is we're all in front office staff are up here and everyone's out lunch right now so you're not going to see too many people this is where the checkout is I think you pretty much this hour then we check in is yeah but this is a we have a lot of film rollers that some patients need some shoes that are minimalist shoes which are shoes that are really wide in the front for a lot of our patients most people aren't shoes that are too narrow certainly if you come here you'll get a free water bottle we have I think an infinite supply of them so let's go back and I'll show you where the treatment roads are oh no so we have six treatment rooms that are all pretty much set up the same so I'll show you one of them this is one of the treatment rooms where we see patients we have a little light here where we can do procedures from surgical procedures this is our diagnostic ultrasound that setup for a patient and all of them have connection to our x-ray our digital x-ray where it shows up in here so this is what a typical treatment room looks like we make them all look the same so that no matter what room were on you know what we're doing and where we're at here is a little place where we modify our orthotics so it has a grinding wheel here is something called an autoclave so where we keep all the sterile instruments we make our instrument sterile inside there for the treatments that we do and then if you look here this is where the back office our and this is our x-ray machine right here where we do digital x-rays and it sends it right over to this computer and then it sends it into all the treatment rooms so we can have access to that and this is where we carry a lot of our home rollers orthotics are here from a lot of our patients benefit from different types of of braces and orthotics here's an example of some diabetic orthotics that have special inserts in the top there's different braces that we have here and there's just a lot of different items that our patients need walking boots and different types of pads back there so this is what we what we do here in the office in central mass podiatry we're a typical podiatry we treat a lot of athletes and a lot of people that are their high level athletes we have dr. Feldman who treats a lot of those he himself is a ultra-marathoner and likes to do all these great long runs dr. Sabet who's also with us here now so we'd love to have you come and visit us here in the

Dr. Donald Pelto Dr. Donald Pelto Dr. Pelto is a Podiatrist at Central Massachusetts Podiatry

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