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March 2022 Patient Video Newsletter



Skip the Emergency Room or the Urgent Care next time you and your loved ones twist an ankle, wake up with an infected toenail, sharp pain or have any foot related emergency. Call 508-757-4003 for same day appointments and go straight to see one of our specialists.

In this March Video Newsletter you will learn why Circulation Studies help doctors identify the most effective treatments to heal your foot. We are also sharing the replay of the Central Massachusetts Podiatry "All About Foot and Ankle Arthritis" Webinar.

And we have baby news!!! Next time you see Dr. Kellner, congratulate him for the birth of his first child: Baby Silas. Doesn't he look just like dad?

To your health,

- Central Massachusetts Podiatry team



Watch here Dr. Feldman explain the causes of foot an ankle arthritis and the ways to help our patients continue with their everyday activities. And a cute picture of Baby Silas, Dr. Kellner's first child.


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