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Kicking Foot Pain with Amniotic tissue Treatment

When you have plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, just standing up out of bed in the morning can be a major challenge.

Both plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis cause heel pain, often chronic, and are among the most common reasons that bring patients to Central Massachusetts Podiatry. Many of these patients who have suffered for years, are now enjoying permanent relief, thanks to our new, leading-edge amniotic tissue injection treatments.

Quick and painless, amniotic tissue therapy is a regenerative treatment that promotes natural, self-healing, through the use of human amniotic membrane supplied in a powder or liquid form. This powerful substance contains over 57 natural growth factors. Growth factors are proteins that the body manufactures to recruit cells to an injured site and help restore damaged tissue. When the amniotic tissue derived liquid is injected into the injured area of the foot or ankle, it controls inflammation, reduces scar tissue, and promotes rapid healing.

The amniotic membrane tissue used in the preparation for our amniotic tissue injections is all donated by healthy, consenting mothers undergoing scheduled Caesarean sections. amniotic tissue cell therapy is truly a game changer for plantar fasciitis sufferers, especially those who’ve not found first-line remedies effective, including:  splints, orthotics, over-the-counter pain relievers, ice and stretching. Likewise, amniotic tissue cell treatment promotes an incredibly speedy recovery from Achilles tendonitis, even among avid runners.

Many professional athletes have attested to the virtues of amniotic tissue cell treatment. But it was actually a four-legged one who first gained attention for using the therapy to remedy an injured Achilles tendon. In 2009, a British race horse named “Dream Alliance” was suffering from chronic Achilles tendonitis. The horse was treated with amniotic tissue  injected directly to the injury site, which enabled him to recover and go on to win the Welsh Grand National.

As for our patients at Central Massachusetts Podiatry, they’re enjoying lasting benefits, as well. The number of injections required is determined by each patient’s initial injection to the treatment. Whether you’re a serious marathoner or prefer to spend your free time shopping at the mall, foot problems can be debilitating. Fortunately, we now have a new, groundbreaking treatment that delivers long-term results.

December 2017 update: We now perform this procedure under ultrasound guidance for increased accuracy and efficacy. 

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