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Interview with Joanna Anderson about running and Tri-State Running Group

Interview with Joanna Anderson about running and Tri-State Running Group

In this interview Dr. Pelto will talk with Joanna Anderson one of the founding members of the Tri-State Running Group about how she got interested in running and how she has been involved in this group over the past few years. She will also give some tips of using running groups for accountability and motivation to do more than you could ever dream alone. 
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Transcript of Video

hi welcome to healthy living
I'm Dr. Donald Pelto and I have my
guest today Joanna Anderson from
tri-state running Thank You Joanna for
coming thank you so talk a little bit
about running kind of how you got
interested and this group that you're
part of the tri-state running so tell me
a little bit about yourself and how you
kind of got interested in running right
so I am an avid runner now um just did
my first hundred mile er that's
something I thought I would never do but
it all started because we created this
group I you know was living an unhealthy
lifestyle for a while and someone said
you know hey do you want to run this
race and I'm like sure you know I'm
ready to start running again and I ran a
race and then I was looking for people
to run with and we started the group in
the Webster Thompson area just took a
way to connect and find people to run
with I didn't want to run alone I mean
Thompson is a quieter town too
it's a lot of backroads and you know you
get nervous as a female out there
running by yourself so so I connected on
CMS on Central masked riders okay
website to say hey anybody in my area
want to run and I met up with this guy
Jose Rivera and we started running
together and then we made a group and we
actually had an article done on us in
the villager newspapers so that whole
area and I got informed about this new
running group in that area so it's just
much easier to connect than to go all
the way to Wistar I'm 14 and having you
know so central mass riders is a running
group in Worcester correct in tri-state
running is a running group kind of more
south or west of Worcester kind of
Oxford we have a couple of people that
will post runs but Oxford Webster me
mostly that area Oxford Webster and
Dudley okay so how did how does it work
in terms of how long has it been around
so we are at our five-year mark so Hosea
and I started it and just got it going
and then we started doing a pub run and
it just took off from there so let's
define some of these things so you think
yeah we have a boat I think 700 people
right now we probably have a good 200
people that are active in various forums
if people want to are listening this and
they want to learn more they would go to
your Facebook page right yep tri-state
running on Facebook okay and then they
can then you guys post let's talk about
different types of runs you have so a
pub run so every Tuesday night we have a
pub run we meet at Sinise and Dudley and
we start we have a three mile option or
a five mile option
our motto has always been no one's left
behind so it covers everyone the pub run
is much more casual it's fun so before
we even leave the parking lot we make
sure we know who's running the three
who's running the five anybody new
what's your pace is everybody have a
buddy okay say because they want to come
there they want to run with them other
people nobody wants to go out and run
alone so so we can kind of get everybody
going and then we hang around and
usually have a beer or you know as a pub
afterwards and you know socialise and
that's where all the trouble starts
because that's where everybody starts
talking saying hey do this race do this
marathon do this you know yeah you find
out what everybody's doing and in the
next big thing and what they're gonna
train for and it's really pushed a lot
of people beyond their limits in this
group I've heard so many stories of
people coming to myself for Jose saying
without this group I would never have
done this I would never have made this
pace I would never have done this race
from a 5k 200 miles
you know we it's a mountain races to you
know all these connections that people
have made you know some of my best
friends are made from this group yeah
and so you push each other to kind of do
more than you think could have done
before so how did you start you said you
were in cross country in high school I
was in cross country in high school but
gymnastics was my first love cross
I kinda secondary but then after high
school and you know you all that stuff
kind of like let's go and I was living
in kind of an unhealthy lifestyle it was
smoking and I ended up getting divorced
and I quit smoking I'm like it's time to
get healthy and I just started wanting
my life back yep and I started running
and then I got sucked into the race
world let's do a race 5k marathon so the
first the very first race was actually a
relay race he's called the Ragnar Relay
so it's a 12 person team and each person
gets three different legs of various
distances so that kind of brought me
into a whole nother world that I never
knew existed I thought it was the
coolest thing out there because you're
stuck in a van with six people for about
thirty hours and it's very challenging
just trying to you know manage the sleep
and who's driving and who's running and
taking breaks and so and since then I've
done an ultra team with people from my
group and that was even a more maze for
spiritual people so the ultra one is you
only do six people okay do the whole
it's about 200 miles with six people so
you're doing six legs so we did it
back-to-back so it would be the runner
one would do the first two legs runner
two would do the next two legs so it it
kept it going so we still only ran three
times but our mileage was doubled yeah
everybody did more than a marathon over
the course of the 30 hours I never
remember the time but somewhere around
there everybody did over a marathon no
one was under so one person I think did
36 or 38 so that was our first real
challenge to kind of push and now some
of those other people have gone on to do
50 K s and 50-miler 's and hundred miles
you know so she should've rolled beyond
one absolutely like you just don't know
what you can do until you get out there
so it's all how does it go so if someone
goes to the Facebook page do people post
the runs or they all they set up runs
that you know okay we each weekly do
Monday Tuesday Wednesday these
so Tuesday is the only Tuesday and
Wednesday night we actually both have
runs Wednesday nights just a regular run
it's typically so there's a different
crew that goes on Wednesdays we kind of
made it for some of the slower paced
people they call themselves the turtle
runners gave themselves their own name
and they have their pace so you know
Tuesday night tended to be a little bit
faster and then we had Wednesday night
was a only three or four miles so it was
a little bit shorter a little bit
different crowd now we have both it
seems to have been blended and we're
both going everywhere those are the only
two definite regular runs anything after
that anyone has welcome to post should
we just post hey I'm gonna run just post
Webster run with me I'm running five
we actually just do five at five and a
question mark and everybody knows where
it is you every once in a while we get a
new person that'll say hey where is it
but we do a 5 at 5:00 from Dudley from
Rite Aid and Dudley almost every morning
there's usually a 5 at 5:00
at least three or four out of five days
there's a 5 at 5:00
it's a 5 a.m. 5 a.m. 5 miles and it's
nice easy run loop and back with I think
there's like one or two little hills and
it's nice so depending on who goes
depends on the pace but again our rule
is always better than no one is left
behind ok weekends come around everybody
says I need 12 miles
I want to aim for a 9 minute pace so
certain people will go alright I'm going
to that run then you'll have some of the
turtle runners hey I only need 5 miles
today I'm aiming for 10:30 pace or 11
minute pace who wants to join me and we
kind of know who's who you know at this
point - there's different running levels
absolutely no one's right no one's left
out I mean anybody can run you know we
want that's the goal is to find people
at your pace to run with that's why we
made the group so nobody has to run
alone it holds people accountable it
gets them out there more because you're
not gonna back out on your friend that
you already said
you say I'm gonna run after work it's
one thing what if you have you're gonna
meet someone right absolutely you just
keep going and that's really I think
what has helped push so many people to
the next level and so let's say you are
preparing for something you've never run
before and you're interested in doing a
5k do you guys help people or how does
that work in terms of someone's
interested in doing a 5k or a half
marathon or marathon how does that work
so a lot of people will post hey I'm
training for this
you know the couch we did a couch to 5k
group actually this spring I let it and
I had a couple of the other tri-state
runners help support that - Lisa la
cuillère hell was a big help to me Jen
Thayer was and they would take on and
because we would end up all over the
track we would meet at the track so each
peak person would kind of get with other
people and keep pushing them you know
these are people who didn't run before
so that kind of started some of our new
people and we'll probably do another one
in the spring okay again it's all kind
of informal it's all just on us on our
own time that there's no group fee
there's no you know anything like that
so it makes it nice because you're not
coming and spending money or people
aren't charging you it's just it's all
about friends trying to help each other
you know based on our knowledge I mean
the the resources out there are just
vast you know so if somebody wants to do
a half marathon or a marathon people can
put a post up hey I'm interested in
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Dr. Donald Pelto Dr. Donald Pelto Dr. Donald Pelto is a Podiatrist at Central Massachusetts Podiatry, in Worcester and Westborough. Author of several books on foot health, he also speaks Portuguese and Spanish. He likes to go on family hikes and loves learning and talking about health related topics and healthy life hacks. Watch some of his interviews about health and video lectures on

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