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Healthy Living Series, Video #4 of 4: Warts

Please enjoy Dr. Pelto's video # 4 of 4 in his Healthy Living series. This edition is about warts. 




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hi we're back to healthy living with dr.
pelt oh and we're going to answer a
question that I get from people every
summer when they go to the pools and
then they go to the beaches and they
actually use this for treatment is a
duct tape can you guess what it is it's
how to deal with plantar warts plantar
warts are warts on the foot and the
question I get is why do I get warts on
my feet and how can I treat them to
understand about warts let's look at a
picture of a wart you can see here on
the skin there's these little black dots
and these black dots are actually the
blood vessels that feed the wart and the
whole goal is to develop an immune
response against the wart what is a wart
award is actually a virus very similar
to a flu and if you have the flu can you
take medicine to get rid of it
not usually you have to let your body
defeat the virus over time and that's
the same thing with a virus in your foot
that's called a wart now award is just
happy to live forever in the top portion
of the skin it can live there for months
it can live in for years sometimes it
goes away on its own but sometimes it
gets bigger and causes pain now you have
to be aware though do you have a wart or
do you only have a callus in this other
picture you can actually see what a
callus looks like and these are two
different types of callus there's one
that's very broad and large and there's
one that's very small and both of these
can be painful when you walk in people
many times they come into the office and
they think well do I have a wart or is
it only a callus the easiest way to tell
is the trim off with a razor blade the
top of the skin and if there's little
areas of pinpoint bleeding you most
likely have a wart if you don't it to
callus another thing that you can look
at is the skin lines if you look at the
skin normally the skin has lines that go
through a callus but the lines don't
usually go through a wart so what are
the treatments one of the treatments
that you could try at home would be duct
tape some people think they can tape a
penny to the bottom of the foot some
people use acid
treatments they use freezing sprays they
use everything that you can find
over-the-counter but I want you to be
careful especially if you have diabetes
or if you have poor blood flow because
if you have one of these two things and
you're going to use these acid
treatments every time you use an acid
treatment on the foot it's going to
slough away one layer of skin and it's
going to make it really white and really
we call it macerated which is just a
damp kind of reminds me of dishpan hands
so if it gets really damped that's going
to cause a cut in the skin and it could
become a problem to you be aware if
you're using the acid treatment don't
use it every single day you want to stop
a little bit what happens if you decide
you want to come into the doctor's
office there are some advanced
treatments and I find that the two most
effective in my hands are either
removing the warts or using laser
therapy on the wart well how do you make
the difference if you have it removed or
if you use the laser therapy if you're
going to remove the wart it's usually
because there's only one or two that are
very small that you can remove them in
the office some people we have to
actually take to the operating room to
remove a big big portion of the warts
and in the operating room now with the
laser the laser remember the other
picture I showed you before of the the
little black dots
well those black dots are actually blood
vessels and what the laser does is it
actually shoots laser and heat at the
blood vessels and causes them to
and become kind of like charred blood
and they develop a scab when you come
back to the office a few weeks later
that scab can be popped out and a good
portion of the skin is replaced and you
see that a portion of the ward is
destroyed and usually you have to do
that a few types of treatments are there
other topical treatments for example for
children that don't want it removed or
other people that that are just scared
of the laser there are some other
treatments award is a wart so if you
have another type of treatment you could
use something called alvera or Care Act
these are just technical terms for other
types of topical treatments they're not
really as effective but they can help
people and how about to prevent warts
let's say you've had warts in the past
want to get them back well let's say you
don't want to get works where do most of
the people get their words from the most
common place is actually the pool
because in the pool people are barefoot
they're walking around they get little
cuts in their skin and that little cut
can cause a viral infection from a ward
so be careful wear flip-flops when you
go into public restrooms in public
showers and also to the pool because it
can be contagious so there are some
treatments for treating warts if you
look on the internet there's probably
thousands of treatments that they're
talking about you know why there's
thousands because there's not one that
really works well so if you'd like to
learn more about the laser treatment and
the other treatments you can go to our
website at and there's a
portion on there that talks about how to
treat warts thank you
Dr. Donald Pelto Dr. Donald Pelto Dr. Donald Pelto is a Podiatrist at Central Massachusetts Podiatry, in Worcester and Westborough. Author of several books on foot health, he also speaks Portuguese and Spanish. He likes to go on family hikes and loves learning and talking about health related topics and healthy life hacks. Watch some of his interviews about health and video lectures on

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