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Five secrets to treat plantar fasciitis at home

five secrets to treat plantar fasciitis from home Central Massachusetts Podiatry Worcester Westborough foot heel pain

Five secrets to treat plantar fasciitis at home

One of the main symptoms of plantar fasciitis is pain when getting up in the morning, on the first step out of bed. It can hurt on the bottom of the heel and then it gets better after about five or ten minutes. It also hurts after prolonged sitting or driving because the back of the leg becomes tight. 

Deep tissue massage with a foam roller and “aggressive stretching” are the best and easiest ways to improve symptoms at home. I recently had a friend who wasn't able to come to see me in the office and all I gave him was some aggressive stretching exercises with a foam roller and stretching. His heel pain symptoms that he had for two or three years went away.

Changing shoes is another option to have less pain. Make sure that your shoes aren't too old and don't lack support if you've been doing a lot of walking.

I’ve put together this guide that has already helped many of my patients.


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