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FAQ: What’s the best shoe to wear?

Dr. Benjamin Saviet answers one of the most asked questions from his patients in Central Massachusetts: what's the best shoe

FAQ: What’s the best shoe to wear?

“What’s the best shoe?” I get this question all the time, but this is an incomplete question. People come in all shapes and sizes and the same is true for feet! “What's the best shoe for me?” is a much better approach that takes into account this reality. Just like a pair of pants, the perfect pair for one person may not fit someone else. 

To find your best pair of shoes, start with what has worked, or not worked, in the past. That usually gives a good idea of some qualities you may like. Next, look at your foot shape. Not all shoes are shaped the same, and not all of them are even really shaped like feet. 

Most brands are relatively consistent across their models so finding the right brand for your foot is helpful. 

Other things that can matter to an individual include: cushioning, stability, weight, total stack height, heel drop, tread, upper material, lace pattern, just to name a few. Most of those come down to personal preference after you've tried a few shoes on. Luckily we live in a time of substantial variety available in shoe gear these days.


Choose lighter shoes

Generally, my short answer to the question above is: the least amount of shoe you can wear comfortably without getting hurt. What that means is, if two shoes are equally comfortable, stable and fit well, you should pick the one that weighs the least. 

Even a difference of 4 ounces can make a difference over the course of a day. If you take 6,000 steps in a day, that is equivalent to moving an extra 24,000 ounces in a day/leg. That's 1,500 lbs of extra weight moved in a day. 

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Dr. Benjamin Saviet Dr. Benjamin Saviet is a Podiatrist at Central Massachusetts Podiatry, in Worcester and Westborough. He is a board certified rearfoot and ankle surgeon, runner and triathlete. As a former Division 1 runner, he understands how important activities are to his patients. His most important goal when treating all patients is to get them back the activities they love as quickly and safely as possible.

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