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Try this life-changing product for thick toenails

Dr. Pelto recommends clippers for thick toenails

Try this life-changing product for thick toenails

Once you get thick toenails, regular nail clippers literally won’t cut them. I recently was recommended an affordable nail clipper available on Amazon that does the job.

Not having to deal with the frustration of regularly breaking drugstore nail clippers and with shattered pieces of nail is indeed life-changing. 

In fact, I gave these clippers to my father-in-law and he was surprisingly happy to be able to trim his thick toenails without much effort. Best present ever!

The New Huing Toenail clippers have an interesting design with curved blades. It is made to cut through the thicker of toenails. The cushioned handles add extra grip making it a breeze to keep your toenails properly trimmed.

Because these clippers are really sharp, I would recommend that you do the nail trimming process with extra care and that you get help from a loved one if you have a hard time bending, seeing or if you have any bleeding related issues.

And remember to keep the nail shape straight on top to avoid creating ideal conditions for an ingrown toenail. 

Causes of thick toenails

‚Äč‚ÄčThere are a few main common causes for thick toenails:

  1. Nail fungus
  2. Nail trauma or injury to the nail causing thickening 
  3. Psoriasis 
  4. An ingrown toenail that's elevated in the middle that causes thickness of the toenails 


Treatments for thick toenails

It really depends on the cause, but if it's nail fungus, we can treat it by giving the patient an oral antifungal or by using a laser treatment. I personally find that topical creams and solutions don’t work that well.

Sometimes you can actually remove a thick toenail and sometimes it grows back normal. I’d say it's about a 50/50 chance.


Can my thick toenail ever go back to normal?

It also depends on what is causing the thickening, on the age of the patient and other health related issues, but normally yes, the toenail can go back to normal, although it's not guaranteed.


Should I see a podiatrist to trim my thick toenails?

When you go to a podiatrist for a toenail trimming, we are not only looking at the nail, but also making sure that you don’t have other foot and ankle conditions, ulcers or anything that could become a big problem. 

Visiting a podiatrist at least once a year is especially important for seniors and people with diabetes and neuropathy - a condition in which people lose feeling, so they can get little things and even pieces of nail embedded on their soles.


Get your New Huing toenail clippers here.

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Dr. Donald Pelto Dr. Donald Pelto Dr. Donald Pelto is a Podiatrist at Central Massachusetts Podiatry, in Worcester and Westborough. Author of several books on foot health, he also speaks Portuguese and Spanish. He likes to go on family hikes and loves learning and talking about health related topics and healthy life hacks. Watch some of his interviews about health and video lectures on

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