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Spotlight: CMP offers specialized, expert care in Westborough and beyond

Dr. Saviet and CMP featured at the Community Advocate Newspaper

Central Massachusetts Podiatry offers specialized, expert care in Westborough and beyond

WESTBOROUGH – The staff at Central Massachusetts Podiatry continually work to provide patients with the treatment they need when they need it and before injuries worsen.

They’re marking National Foot Health Awareness Month this month by reiterating the importance of this kind of comprehensive, thoughtful care.

Ankle sprains, for example, are one of the most common injuries that, if left untreated, can cause chronic pain and lead to arthritis and long-term disability.

Doctors will identify ligaments made unstable by previous sprains. They’ll note where muscle weakness is contributing to injuries. And they can identify balance issues or aspects of a patient’s foot shape that are predisposing them to injuries.

“We think what we do here is the highest level of specialized care,” Dr. Benjamin Saviet said in a recent interview. “Some people miss an opportunity to get the highest level of care right off the bat.”

Treatments can then range from recommendations for new shoes, to surgical remedies.


Central Massachusetts Podiatry enjoys Worcester, Westborough locations

Central Massachusetts Podiatry has offices at 299 Lincoln St. in Worcester and at 24 Lyman Street, Suite 180 in Westborough

The team includes Saviet and colleagues Dr. Neil Feldman, Dr. Donald Pelto and Dr. Samuel Kellner.

Collectively, these doctors work to deploy every tool necessary to get a diagnosis right as quickly as possible.

“That usually gets people back to their activities a little sooner,” Saviet said.

Central Massachusetts Podiatry has in-house imaging capabilities, including x-ray and ultrasound machines.

They utilize a shockwave therapy machine that helps activate healing processes in injured tissue.

Among other things, they offer a self-propelled treadmill that allows doctors to view a patient’s walking or running stride while helping patients themselves learn how to adapt their gait to prevent injuries.

Central Massachusetts Podiatry offers same-day appointments, hoping to also save patients money along the way.

“The way modern health care is, people have $50 or $100 copays for urgent care or the emergency room,” Saviet said. “They might not need to pay that to come see us.”


Patient lauds experience

Suzanna Resendes has received care from Saviet and Central Massachusetts Podiatry over the years, eventually undergoing ankle reconstruction surgery to address a number of issues.

She said in a recent interview that her care has allowed her to regain a sense of normalcy in her life, more recently moving through an extensive rehabilitation process with Saviet’s support.

“He is really passionate about the work that he does,” she said, noting times when Saviet would explain individual aspects of her procedure to help her understand the process.

Through her physical therapy care, Resendes said, Saviet provided specific recommendations for her physical therapist to ensure an optimal recovery.

She echoed Central Massachusetts Podiatry’s promise of easy scheduling.

“I’m really happy that I chose him and his work,” Resendes said.


Treatment prevents future injuries

Podiatrists treat everything from the ankle down.

With state-of-the-art solutions combined with individual expertise and easily-accessible, local offices, Central Massachusetts Podiatry has patients covered.

Indeed, be it stress fractures, heel pains, tendon ruptures, ankle sprains or any other injury in the foot or ankle, prompt and proper treatment remains the primary goal.

“I can’t jump in a time machine and stop you from spraining your ankle,” Saviet said. “But, what I can do is work really hard to make sure that this is hopefully the last ankle sprain that you ever have.”


This article was originally published on the Community Advocate Newspaper and Website on April 1st, 2022.  


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